Supporting Our Neighbors

When it comes to charity, clubs in the ODP family act as vehicles for the tremendous generosity of our fans. Through our partnerships and programs, ODP teams have assisted in raising millions of dollars for charitable causes local and global in scope. In many cases, we work with sponsors and business partners in creative charitable initiatives that add excitement to the ballpark experience. Here are just a few recent examples:

  • The Lancaster, Pa., Barnstormers "Rally Roni" program helps feed homeless in Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin and York Counties, plus others in the Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del., areas. At the end of each game, fans donate the boxes of macaroni and cheese they used to help "shake up" a Barnstormers rally. The program has been responsible for serving more than 100,000 meals in the team's first four years. Front office staff members volunteer monthly to serve meals at the rescue mission, as well.
  • Each time a player on our York, Pa., ballclub scored a run in 2007, Columbia Gas donated $50 to the York Red Cross, raising more than $15,000 in just the program's first year.
  • The Barnstormers collect $5 donations to the "Cylo Fund" in exchange for video board announcements during games. The fund has supported the Spanish-American Civic Association, the Lancaster Day Care Center, and the team has used monies raised to purchase and distribute Christmas presents to children in area homeless shelters during the holidays.
  • A 5K run in August of our Waldorf, Md., club's inaugural season raised more than $4,500 to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

But charity is just a small part of our outreach philosophy. ODP uses our resources, facilities and public visibility to help community groups in many different ways. And our players, coaches, staff members and mascots make hundreds of appearances annually in support of non-profits, civic and professional organizations, schools and more.