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Opening Day Partners is one of the most well known and experienced minor league baseball owners, operators, advisors, and ballpark developers in the industry. Since 1982, ODP has owned and operated its own minor league teams, operated teams for outside ownership groups, assisted in the purchase and sale of franchises, and advised and consulted world-wide.

ODP and its development affiliate Peter Kirk's Great Circle Management Company have designed and developed fifteen minor league baseball stadiums as well as applying their expertise to soccer venues, ice rinks, and youth baseball tournament complexes. ODP has been involved in Major League Baseball's activities in Cuba, the Sydney Summer Olympics, and advising communities throughout the nation on minor league baseball projects.

Communities considering whether minor league baseball is a good fit frequently turn to ODP for our expertise and experience in conducting feasibility studies and designing, constructing and financing ballparks. Let us help you answer the questions that need to be addressed, including:

        * Is a stadium and professional baseball feasible in our community?

        * How does our community develop a grassroots campaign for baseball? 
        * How do we determine the appropriate role of private partners,

                         municipalities and   state governments? 
        * How do we pursue ballpark financing options? 
        * What level of minor league baseball is best for our community? 
        * What are the potential operating scenarios for our new team? 
                  * And, of course, when can we play ball!? - 


Opening Day Partners pioneered the concept of modern, multi-purpose stadiums, that serve as community focal points for far more than minor league baseball. Among our numerous industry "firsts" are:

First to introduce full-scale playgrounds, including carousels, bumper boats, splash pads, climbing and play equipment for all ages and abilities, at the ballpark.

First to integrate community economic development objectives into ballpark designs

First to promote year-round use of ballparks for all sports and non-baseball community activities