ODP Design Features

ODP has pioneered the design concepts of the modern, fan-friendly ballpark, incorporating several signature features in each of our numerous unique ballparks—all developed with our fans in mind.

Each ODP facility is equipped with a hotel lobby-style box office which allows fans to purchase tickets in climate-controlled comfort and face-to-face with a courteous box office employee. No frustrating conversations through holes in glass ticket windows at our ballparks!
Take a seat in an ODP ballpark and you'll immediately feel the difference. More legroom, padded seats and individual cupholders are standard in our main seating bowls. We also design stadiums with extra aisles to minimize the number of seats in each row.
Our ballparks feature fully-furnished, climate-controlled luxury suites with padded theatre-style balcony seats able to accommodate 25 to 30 guests. Suites also have their own restrooms, wet bar capabilities and wait services. Our suite holders are granted year-round use of these facilities at no additional cost and receive tickets to all public events that take place at the ballpark.
Our multi-purpose function rooms allow us to offer the same kind of luxury accommodations to groups on an event-by-event basis. In addition to baseball games, these rooms receive frequent use for luncheons, receptions, holiday parties, sales meetings and other functions year-round. Rooms overlook the field and have balcony seating as well as climate-controlled spaces. Food service, audio/video equipment, internal sound systems and the ability to subdivide spaces to accommodate various group sizes from 25 to 500 are all standard for these rooms in ODP ballparks.
Our facilities are designed with the "die-hard baseball fans," "casual fans" and "non-baseball fans" in mind—including handicapped fans. That's why we feature a 360 degree walkway around the ballpark so fans can stroll to different areas of the park with no stairways. Die-hard fans can catch the action from numerous angles while non-baseball fans can enjoy a summer stroll in the park.
ODP ballparks also feature picnic areas able to accommodate 500 that overlook the playing area and offer buffet-style food service. Our picnic areas are frequently used for company picnics, class reunions, church outings and more.
ODP has been an industry leader in amusement options for young fans and fans young at heart. Each facility features extensive playground facilities including traditional climbing, swinging and sliding equipment (many pieces ADA-accessible). We were the first minor league baseball organization to feature full 20-horse carousels and bumper boat attractions able to accommodate children and adults at our ballparks.